You may not know exactly what to ask your doctor when you go in for your annual wellness exam. Not only can these exams be stressful, but when you’re there, you can forget to discuss some things that could be important to your overall health.

Our expert team at ReNew Wellness in Gilbert, Arizona, recommends you ask the following questions at your next wellness exam.

What is my blood pressure?

Our team takes your blood pressure at every annual wellness visit to ensure it’s neither too high nor too low. Sometimes doctors won’t tell you the specific numbers if your blood pressure is in a healthy range, but if you want to know because of family history, be sure to ask.

Do I still need my current medications?

Another good question to ask is whether you still need your current medications. Every medication has a specific purpose and symptoms to treat; as those symptoms clear up, you may no longer need them.

Is this normal?

If you have any specific problems or concerns about your health, bring them up during your annual wellness exam. Our team may recommend additional tests or screenings if it’s something serious. It may not be anything to worry about, but it’s always better to inquire with your doctor.

Is my weight healthy?

Weight is never a fun thing to talk about, but it has a direct effect on your health and well-being. Our team understands that and strives to help everyone reach and maintain a healthy weight. It’s important to have an open conversation with us so you can live your best life.

What additional annual screenings do you recommend?

As you age, additional issues may require other screenings as you potentially become more prone to illness. Asking our team if there are additional annual screenings we recommend you start is a great way to identify possible disease before it becomes irreversible.

Does my family history put me at risk for any health issues?

Our team asks about your family history during your first visit with us, but you should always update us at each visit. Ask if any new changes put you at risk for issues like cardiovascular disease.

What should I do between now and my next annual exam?

After your annual wellness exam, talking with our team about what you should do between now and your next visit is important. Health is a daily thing; discussing what lifestyle or diet changes may be necessary is how you stay healthy.

Our team at ReNew Wellness provides a holistic approach to your wellness, helping you stay healthy and feel your best. To schedule your next wellness exam, contact us today by calling our office or requesting an appointment online.

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