Substance abuse is a disease that affects millions of people every year. Like any other disease, addiction requires ongoing care and treatment. At ReNew Wellness in Gilbert, Arizona, our team offers comprehensive treatment for those struggling with alcohol or opioid addiction. For compassionate care, call the office or book online today.

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What is addiction?

An addiction is a brain disorder. When people drink alcohol or take drugs (whether prescribed or illegal), they initially like how the substance makes them feel. Over time, their brain and body develop a tolerance to the substance, and they need to take more to get the same “feel good” effect.

Ongoing use of alcohol or drugs changes how your brain works. These changes may affect how you feel and behave, and you may need to take the drug to feel normal.

An addiction to alcohol or drugs is a disease. People with an addiction to alcohol or opioids need medical care and treatment from experts like those at ReNew Wellness.

Who needs treatment?

Anyone who recognizes they have a problem with alcohol or opioids and wants help needs treatment from the experts at ReNew Wellness.

Signs and symptoms that you or a loved one may be abusing drugs or alcohol include:

  • Losing control over the amount and frequency of your alcohol or opioid use
  • Cravings for alcohol or opioids
  • Having withdrawal symptoms when you attempt to stop alcohol or opioids
  • Isolating yourself from friends or family
  • Using alcohol or opioids takes precedence over your responsibilities
  • Spending a lot of time pursuing, taking, or recovering from your alcohol or opioid use

If you or someone you love is struggling with the abuse of alcohol or opioids, contact ReNew Wellness for help.

What happens during treatment?

The team at ReNew Wellness takes an individualized approach to care. Addiction treatment may depend on many factors, including the substance, how it’s affected your physical and mental well-being, and your willingness to get help.

Before starting any treatment, the experts at ReNew Wellness conduct a comprehensive physical and mental health evaluation, which may include wellness labs to assess overall health and look for underlying health issues.

Treatments plans available at Renew Wellness are:

  • Naltrexone
  • Suboxone
  • Sublocade
  • Vivitrol
  • Supportive medications and supplements for side effects and wellness support
We also offer NAD infusions to help lessen the withdrawl symptoms you are expieriencing.

The team may also recommend Ketamine infusions as an addiction treatment. For people with an opioid or alcohol addiction, Ketamine infusions help with both the addiction and pain.

For compassionate treatment, call ReNew Wellness, or book an appointment online today.